The worlds of economic development and community development are both prone to adopting concept labels that purport to clarify what the activity is all about. So for example years ago concepts in economic development related to agglomeration economies were translated to the term “cluster,” which in truth made this notion more accessible to lay persons. The community development concept of sustainability seems to be losing ground, as a label, to “resilience.” We have written previously about the interrelationship of sustainability and economic development, but the term resilience embraces a broader range of issues and is also perhaps more integratable into economic development practice. Both terms generally have to do with taking a longer term view of ensuring future prosperity. Making our communities more resilient is both an important health and safety goal, and should also instill a greater sense of confidence for prospective investors and employers. Enhancing resilience usually means investing in infrastructure, and might be a means by which infrastructure needed to support economic development occurs in the face of otherwise constrained budgets.