What we do

Conduct product-specific studies, such as:

  • Analyze market conditions

  • Define "highest and best use" of properties

  • Prepare financial analyses for land and land-use development and redevelopment

  • Combining the previous elements with other steps into a comprehensive program for real estate product development and implementation

Project Examples

  • Modeling the performance and economic/fiscal contribution of major retail facilities involved in public/private partnerships.

  • Preparing “summary level” market analysis with a growth projection/fiscal analysis model, and economic impact considerations, into a comprehensive redevelopment plan that was coordinated with other urban specialists.

  • Advising on the redevelopment prospects of specific neighborhoods and individual buildings (a).

  • Participating in ULI Advisory Services/Technical Assistance Panels in Arizona and California.

  • Estimating the tourist-shopping component of a major entertainment shopping center.

  • Estimating market size and growth for regional shopping centers in high-growth areas, using housing development and other data, where standard demographic reports are inadequate to track the rate of change.

  • Determining the extent to which a set of downtown revitalization concepts, in a border city with unique visitation patterns, can be justified on the basis of market feasibility and urban design factors.

  • Assessing the competitive strength of existing retail centers, and recommending remedial action at the project and city level.

  • Evaluating the market, fiscal, and economic development implications of a series of plans for highly desirable lakefront property under a combination of federal, state, city, and private ownership.

  • Advising a non-profit agency on the soundness of market assumptions used to promote a low-to-moderate-income housing development.

  • Determining the market implications to existing stores and the fiscal implications of major new retail facilities in a community (a).

(a) Some or all projects through affiliation with The Natelson Dale Group, Inc.