What we do

  • Design studies to assess impacts, often in coordination with other disciplines

  • Analyze local/regional economies to benchmark conditions to be impacted

  • Prepare analysis models, generally combining economic and fiscal impact inputs/outputs

  • Document methods and findings, with transcriptions as needed into overall reports of environmental or other conditions

Project Examples

  • Inventorying and documenting statewide or regional economic benefits from specific tourism activities.

  • Documenting the benefits of major real estate projects to local jurisdictions.

  • Demonstrating whether an incentive program for international shoppers would be feasible in a state and how tourism spending and tax effects would affect communities throughout the state.

  • Assessing the economic impacts of an innovative program that supports forest-thinning activity while encouraging the creation of new businesses to make use of material harvested in the thinning process.

  • Estimating how the impacts of highway bypass development on a small visitor-oriented city could vary according to alternative routes, and the net effects of the bypass on the community.

  • Estimating the economic impacts on adjacent commercial and residential properties from widening of urban freeways and highways.

  • Evaluating the soundness of concepts and formulas used to set development impact fee rates.

  • Determining the measures needed in order to model fiscal relationships between real estate development and the operations and maintenance activities and capital expenditures of host cities (a).

  • Documenting the impacts of both new and phasing-out mining operations on local communities, and devising recovery strategies for areas negatively affected.

  • Documenting the broad economic benefits to an urban metro region and local community from a major key transportation improvement that would encourage economic development.

  • Documenting tax obligations of Indians and Indian tribes, including case studies of the patterns of tax payments and services received.

(a) Some or all projects through affiliation with The Natelson Dale Group, Inc.