What We Do

  • Design strategic planning processes

  • Analyze local/regional economies, including demographic and workforce conditions, to assess competitive strengths

  • Analyze specific industries or clusters in terms of local relevance

  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions in presentation and workshop formats

  • Prepare SWOT or similar analyses of the status of the community

  • Interview stakeholders

  • Conduct competitive assessments of comparable/inspirational communities

  • Analyze and advise on economic development organizational structures

  • Prepare detailed action plans and documentation of methods and findings

Project Examples

  • Consolidating views on economic development targets, issues, and approaches within a multi-community region, through executive interviews and summarizing written documentation (a).

  • Relating a region’s existing economic base to its competitive environment and to emerging economic opportunities, in the form of strategic plan guidance.

  • Establishing guidelines for the organization and management of economic development organizations (a).

  • Documenting the changing state of the retail industry, in the face of Internet shopping, warehouse stores, and the like, and assessing the implications of these changes on a city’s retail environment (a).

  • Documenting the prospects, challenges, and recommended solutions to developing and operating a business development center for an island-state with unique cultural influences on the conduct of business.

  • Assessing the impacts of NAFTA on the Mexico-Canada border regions of western states.

  • Preparing comprehensive strategic-plan based applications for major federal economic development programs (a).

  • Preparing grant applications based on market-focused redevelopment plans.

  • Assessing the extent and nature of job losses in specific Information industry sub-sectors, and potential remediation strategies (a).

  • Conducting primary (survey-based) research into workforce composition and issues (a).

(a) Some or all projects through affiliation with The Natelson Dale Group, Inc.