McClure Consulting LLC’s four primary areas of practice are functionally related and often applied

together to enrich the host community.


The overriding focus of our services is help public, private, and non-profit entities maximize the strategic value of investments – whether those investments are applied to property, infrastructure, or programs. While the market helps guide these decisions in the private sector, public-sector decisions often will not have the benefit of market feedback, and so typically require greater levels of direct analysis.

Questions that we directly or indirectly engage with include the following:

  • How can we know that a project intended to address a certain condition is covering the critical aspects of that condition throughout its “life cycle,” or is the best alternative for handling that situation?

  • Have all assets available to address a condition been fully leveraged?

  • What are the impacts of the project and where are they likely to be felt?

While our services are often integrated across several disciplines, each of these disciplines is often described as a discrete set of tasks, as presented below.